May 31, 2023
I'm thrilled to announce that the RAISE CSIRO's Next Gen Program Agreement is now fully executed. Student recruitment is underway!
May 14, 2023
I will be giving a keynote speaker on "Software Engineering in the Age of Generative AI, Not Yet Explainable!" at ICSE 2023 (the 1st IntenSE workshop), Melbourne, Australia. [Slide]
May 01, 2023
With the joint effort from Jurgen Cito, Hadi Hemmati, Satish Chandra, and myself, we are thrilled to release an IEEE Software Special Issue on Explainable AI for SE, including Challenges and Future Directions, and Experts' Interview on XAI for SE.
April 26, 2023
Launching a new course on "Quantitative Research Methods" (limited to 50 students, fully registered in 24 hours). Slides are publicly available. Some student testimonials: "Kla is very personable and friendly. He is an effective teacher, and this has been my favourite and most informative MDP training."
April 15, 2023
I'm thrilled to receive an ICSE'23 Distinguished Reviewer Award.