I greatly value the opportunity to train future leaders in software engineering through supervision and mentorship. I form productive relationships with students by providing research skills training, keeping communication open, being approachable, and encouraging students to pursue and share their own independent thinking about their projects, and develop their critical thinking and writing skills. I am committed to guiding students as they learn time-management skills in a research environment. In the past five years, many of my Ph.D. students have a successful publication record that is ready for the next stage of their career.

Current PhD Supervision at Monash University

  1. (PhD, Main Supervision) Chanathip Pornprasit (2020-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Automated Software Quality Assurance

    Publications: MSR’21, TSE’21, ASE’21, SANER’23

  2. (PhD, Main Supervision) Yang Hong (2021-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Automated Code Review.

    Publications: SANER’22, FSE’22.

  3. (PhD, Main Supervision) Yue Liu (2021-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Automated Malware Detection.

    Publications: ACM Computing Survey, ISSRE’23.

  4. (PhD, Main Supervision) Danushka Pitivilaliyanage (2020-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Security Gaurantees for Automated Software Testing.

    Publications: ICSE’23.

  5. (PhD, Co Supervision) Aastha Pant (2021-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Ethics in AI

  6. (PhD, Main Supervision) Yeh Fu (2021-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Toward More Effective Deep Learning-based Automated Software Vulnerability Prediction, Classification, and Repair

    Publications: ASE’21, TSE’21, MSR’22, FSE’22.

  7. (PhD, Main Supervision) Saranya Alagarsamy (2021-current), Monash University, Australia

    Topic: AI for Software Testing

    Publications: TOSEM’23 (Under Review)

  8. (PhD, Main Supervision) Wannita Takerngsaksiri, Monash University, Australia

    Topic: Automated Code Completion

    Publications: TSE’23 (Under Review)

Undergraduate Researchers

  1. (1st Year Undergraduate Student) Yuki Kume, Monash University, Australia

    Topic: AIBugHunter

    Publications: EMSE’23 (Under Review)

Graduated Students

  1. Jirayus Jiarpakdee (2017-2021, PhD, Main Supervision), Monash University, Australia.

    Topic: Towards Explainable Software Defect Prediction Models to Support SQA Planning

    Publications: 3xTSE, 1xEMSE, 1xICSE, 1xICSME, 1xMSR, 1xAnnals of Emergency Medicine, 1xICSE-Doctoral Symposium

  2. Suraj Yatish (2019, Master of CS, Main Supervision), Monash University, Australia.

    Topic: Mining Software Defects: Should we Consider Affected Releases?

    Publications: 1xICSE’19

  3. Supatsara Wattanakriengkrai (2019-2020, Master of Engineering, Main Supervision), Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.

    Topic: Towards Line-Level Defect Prediction Models

    Publications: 1xTSE’20

  4. Chaiyakarn Khanan, Worawit Luewichana, Krissakorn Pruktharathikoon (2019, Visiting Undergraduate Students, Main Supervision), Mahidol University, Thailand.

    Topic: JITBot: An Explainable Just-In-Time Defect Prediction Bot

    Publications: 1xASE-Tool Demo’20